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The Journal Volume 13,Number 4:2018

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1 1. Soil and foliar application of boron on wheat productivity in north east alluvial plain of Eastern India.)
A. K. Mauriya, V. K. Maurya, R. K. Verma, Sunita Kushwaha and Radhey Shyam
2 2. A preliminary note on the black snoek, Thyrsitoides marleyi Fowler, 1929 (Pisces: Gempylidae) from Indian watersesclentum).
S. Surya, N. S. Jeena, N. K. Midhunraj, Ambarish P. Gop, K. K. Suresh, M. K. Anil, . Bsanthosh, E. M.Abdusamad and Prathibha Rohit
3 3. Influence of integrated effect of inorganic and organic fertilizers with fly ash on heavy metals accumulation of soil and plant under rice crop
Kiran Patel, R. N. Singh and A. K. Patel
4 4. Record of some deformed specimens of Cirrhinus mrigala (Ham- Buch.) from river Tawi in Jammu cityn India.)
S. P. S. Dutta
5 5. Assessment of performance of early cauliflower variety Sabour Agrim vis-a-vis fifferent dates of transplanting in kharif in Arwal district of Bihar
K. P. Singh, Jhabbu Rai, B. Patel, S. K. Singh and A. K. Das
6 6. Influence of lunar cycles on anthocyanin content of Justicia wynaadensis (Nees) Heyne Ex T. And.
M.Vasundhara, R. Priyanka, M. Nethravathi and Manjunath Swamy
7 7. Study on effect of azoxystrobin on shelf life of fresh custard apple fruits
Netravati, G. J. Suresh And S. L. Jagadeesh
8 8. Gamma ray and EMS induced polygenic variability in M2and M3 populations of aromatic riceC4CE
Sanjeev Singh, Rishi Kumar Sharma and S . K. Chakravarti
9 9. Evaluation of fungicides against fusarium fruit rot of citrus
T.T Baria and R.K Patil
10 10. Evaluation of gamma radiation induced morphological mutants in dolichos Bean (Lablab purpures L.)in m2 generation
Harish Kumar,S.M Ghawade and Shivaputra
11 11. Evaluation of different drying metods for ornamental based on acceptability and storage of dried plant product
Shalini Jhanji,Parminder Singh,K.K Dhatt and H.S Grewal
12 12. Selection parameters through assessment of intertionship and path analysis between yield and yield components in summer maize(Zea mays L.)
Vasi Anni Manohari,Shailesh Marker and Nirupama Thiyagarajan
13 13. Performance of gladiolus cultivars under open field conditions for vegetative and corm parameters in southern zone of Andhra Pradesh
Devi Priya Avilala,K.Swarajya Lakshmi,R.Nagaraju and D.Srinivasa Reddy
14 14. Participatory paradigm of watershed development projects in semiarid tropics of Andhra Pradesh: an assessment
S.L Patil,Biswajit Mondal,G.L Baghi,K.Channa Basappa and K.K Reddy
15 15. Effect of probiotic supplementation on performance of crossbred kids under stallfed conditions
A. K. Srivastava, Charan Singh, H. D.Chauhan and Sanjay Kumar