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The Journal Volume 11, Number 4: 2017

S.N Content and Author Name Option page No.
1 Organoleptic quality and storability of maturity graded guava fruits (cv. Sardar) as influenced by calcium treatments during cold storage
V. Phani Deepthi and R. Chandra Sekhar
2507 - 2515
2 Effect of weed-control treatments on nutrient uptake by pigeonpea based intercropping and weeds
D. D. Deshmukh, M. M. Desai and H. L. Shirsath
2517 - 2519
3 Integration of cultural practices for the management of aphid, Aphis gossypii glover infesting Isabgol, Plantago ovata Forskel�
S. R. Patel, K. D. Shah and D. M. Korat
2521 - 2524
4 Effect of different levels of naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) and salicylic acid (SA) on growth, yield and biochemical aspects of green gram (Vigna radiata L.)
Gaurav S. Pagire and Suchita A. Johnrat
2525 - 2527
5 Effect of different organic manures on growth and yield of onion (Allium cepa L.)
D. L. Chavan, N. H. Chavan and S. M. Choudhary
2529 - 2532
6 Success and growth of softwood grafts of different Aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) varieties at nursery stageovata Forskel�
S. M. Choudhary, A. S. Kadam, Ramniwas and D. L. Chavan
2533 - 2536
7 Effect of graded dose of fly ash applied with and without FYM on microbial and enzymatic activity of soil
Meshwar Pratap Singh, K. Tedia, V. K. Samadhiya, Thaneshwar Kumar and Priyanka Sharma
2537 - 2539
8 Influence of boron and magnesium on growth and yield parameters of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in medium black soilorskel
B. P. Ananth Kumar, S. N. Upperi, B. Nethravathi and A. N. Raghu
2541 - 2543
9 Studies on seed storability, germination and seedling vigour of Karonda (Carissa carandas L.)
Deepika and K. Vanajalatha
2545 - 2548
10 Influence of PGR on growth and quality of Sarpagandha (Rauvolfia tetraphylla Linn.)randas L.)
Bharti A. Kaporiya, J. R. Chavda, B. S. Desai, Alka Singh, D. P. Patel and S. K. Jha
2549 - 2551
11 Influences of varying proportion of urea and ammonium sulphate on yield and chemical composition of Rustica tobacco (Nicotiana rustica L.) as well as chemical properties of soil
S. C. Parmar, S. V. Rathod, S. M. Gondaliya and N. N. Chaudhary
2553 - 2557
12 Assessing production potential on wheat crop (var. Kanchan) using DSSAT model for Chhattisgarh regionsoil
M. K. Beck, H. V. Puranik, G. K. Das and J. L. Chaudharyhaudhary
2559 - 2562
13 Influence of plant growth promoters and growing systems on growth and nutrient content of Dendrobium cv. Earsakul
M. Raja Naik and K. Ajith Kumar
2563 - 2569
14 Effect of pre-harvest spray of calcium and boron on yield and quality attributes of apple cv. Red delicious
N. A. Ganai, F. A. Banday, G. H. Rather, S. A. Hakeem and Abdul Gaffar Bhat
2571 - 2574
15 Phenology, pollen quantity and quality of various exotic cherry cultivars in Jammu and Kashmir
K. M. Bhat, S. U. Rehman, Aarifa Jan, H. U. Rehman, F. A. Banday, M. A. Mir, A. H. Pandit, Muneer Ahmed, Shaziya Hassan
2575 - 2580
16 Effect of photoperiods, genotypes and their interactions on quality traits of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Ravi Shankar, Dhirendra Singh, Jitendra Kumar and Ankit Panchbhaiyafar Bhat
2581 - 2584
17 Effect of integrated weed management practices on weed dynamics, growth and yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
Bheiru Singh, G. Somanagouda, R. H. Patil and Vijay Kumar Didal
2585 - 2587
18 Impact of canopy management on growth and yield of wine grapes under northern dry zone of Karnatakaosum L.)
Ashwini, S. Ganur, Kulapati Hipparagi, D. R. Patil, S. L. Jagadeesh and R. Suma, K. Arunashmir
2589 - 2592
19 Effect of zinc and microbial inoculation on primary nutrient availability and their uptake of maize (Zea mays L.))Hassanӄ����
Suganya Ayyar and Saravanan Appavoo
2593 - 2599
20 Integrated effect of organic manure combined with different biofertilizers on growth, yield and yield attributes of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) cv. Roma under rain fed up lands of Visakhapatnam district
G. V. Subba Reddy, B. Srihari Rao, B. Nagendra Prasad and S. S. N. Malleswara Rao
2601 - 2604
21 Partial substitution of potassium by sodium in wheat Kumar Didal
Sankhadip Das and Susanta Kumar Pal
2605 - 2609
22 Identification of suitable spacing and genotypes for high density planting system in cottonmir
Ramesh Thatikunta, B. Santhosh, Y. Janaki Ramulu, B. Lavanya, V. Gouri Shankar, S. A. Hussain and D. V. V Reddy
2611 - 2614
23 Foliar application of Trifloxystrobin in combination with Tebuconazole enhances antioxidant defense system and yield in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
R. Nagajothi and P. Jeyakumar
2615 - 2619
24 Effect of weed management practices on weed growth and yield of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
Rohini N. Meti, K. N. Geetha, A. G. Shankar, K. N. Kalyanamurthy and Prathima, A. S
2621 - 2624
25 Effect of seed priming on germination and initial seedling growth of pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivars
Sofia Devi Yanglem, Vishram Ram, Krishnappa Rangappa, M. H. Devi, N. J. Singh and A. K. Singh
2625 - 2630
26 Effect of fertigation period on growth, yield and nutrient content of strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) var. winter dawn under substrate
Pooja R. Bhosale, Dr. G. M. Waghmare and Mahaveer Suman
2631 - 2635
27 Screening of zinc efficient and inefficient rice genotypes in low soil Zn status
Sudha Sundaram and P. Stalin
2637 - 2643
28 Estimation of losses in capsicum (Capsicum annum L.) due to yellow mite, Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks) under shade net house
J . K. Gupta, Ashok Bhatnagar and V. K. Agrawal
2645 - 2649
29 Influence of site specific nutrient management on growth and yield of soybean in north eastern transitional zone of Karnataka
Anand G. Patil, A. S. Halepyati and B. M. Chittapuru
2651 - 2654
30 Bioefficacy of ready mixture, Spirotetramat 120 + Imidacloprid 240 SC against sucking pests of brinjal
Venkateshalu and Mahesh Mathr
2655 - 2658
31 Effect of wetting and drying cycles on inorganic P transformation in an acid soil maintained under different moisture regimes
Piyali Das, Sayanmajumder and Dipankar Saha
2659 - 2663
32 Effect of plant growth regulators and zinc on fruiting and yield parameters of acid lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) under Malwa plateau conditions
Arvind Singh Bhati, Jyoti Kanwar, I. S. Naruka, Rajesh Tiwari, R. Gallani and Om Singh
2665 - 2668
33 Comparative efficacy of some newer insecticides against thrips, Megalurothrips sjostedti Trybom cowpea agro-ecosystem
Gopi Ram Yadav, Poonam Srivastava, Vijay Kumar Mishra, Deepika Chauhan and Rajveer
2669 - 2674
34 Effect of ethephon and gibberellic acid on emergence, yield attributes and yield of Saccharum officinarum L.
Subhashisa Praharaj, Dheer Singh and S. K. Guru
2675 - 2678
35 Influential role of biozyme on yield, leaf nutrient and quality of guava (Psidium guajava L.) cv. Allahabad Safeda
Sayan Sau, Sukamal Sarkar, Tanmay Sarkar, Tapas Sarkar and Bikash Ghosh
2679 - 2682
36 Pollination studies in Walnut (Juglans regia L.)
K. M. Bhat, Shaziya Hassan, M. A. Bhat, M. A. Mir and S. N. Kirmani
2683 - 2686
37 Effect of INM on flowering, corm and Cormel yield of gladiolus (Gladiolus grandiflorus L.) Cv. Psittacinus hybrid
P. B. Pansuriya, R. V. Chauhan, J. V. Varasani and S. R. Aghera
2687 - 2689
38 Growth and development of carnation [Dianthus caryophyllus L.] as influenced by integrated nutrient management
M. Harshavardhan, D. P. Kumar, A. M. Rajesh, H. A. Yathindra and Shivanand Hongal
2691 - 2694
39 Effect of seed priming on growth and productivity of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) under rainfed conditions of Karnataka
Pandit S. Rathod, S. B. Bellad, D. H. Patil and B. M. Dodamania
2695 - 2698
40 Effect of FYM, phosphorus and PSB on nutrient content and uptake by cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp] on loamy sand
Neha Chaudhary, B. B. Patel, R. P. Pavaya, S. K. Shah and Vimal Kotadiya�ϥ
2699 - 2702
41 Effect of different seasons of air layering on success percentage and other growth attributes of jackfruit (Artocarpous heterophyllus Lam.) under Eastern India
Reang Ezekiel, Ghosh Bikash and Hidangmayum Lembisana Devimania
2703 - 2706
42 Studies on the effect of organic manures and PSB on vegetative and floral parameters of China aster [Callistephus chinensis (L.) Ness.] cv. Kamini under mid hills region of Himalaya
P. Rajesh Khanna, Mamta Bohra, Parul Punetha and B. P. Nautiyal
2707 - 2710
43 Effect of spacing, bulb size and depth of planting on growth, flowering and vase life of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) cv. Suvasini
T. Suseela, R. Chandrasekhar, V. Vijaya Bhaskar, D. R. Salomi Suneetha and K. Umakrishna
2711 - 2714
44 Effect of genotype and planting geometry on flower quality and vase life of gladiolus (Gladiolus x hybridus Hort.)
Balram Meena, S. K. Moond, R. R. Meena, Pravin Singh and Dhara Singhdiya
2715 - 2720
45 Role of abiotic factors in the incidence of fruit and shoot borer (Leucinodes orbonalis) guenee in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)
Puja Rattan, Sanjeev Kumar and R. K. Salgotra
2721 - 2726