Publication of The Journal

The Journal Volume 12, Number 2: 2017

S.N Content and Author Name Option page No.
1 Effect of stand establishment and weed management on weed dynamics and productivity of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under rainfed condition
Geeta Kumari, Md. Naiyar Ali, Akhilesh Sah and A. N. Kujur
2 Morpho-physiological characterization of wheat for heat tolerance
Sunaina Rani, Swati, Mukesh Chandra Dubey and Ranjana
927 - 933
3 Comparative efficacy of botanical, microbial and some synthetic insecticides for the management of mungbean aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch. (Hemiptera: Aphididae)
Sagar Tamang, P. Venkatarao, Moulita Chaterjee and Gautam Chakrabarthi
935 - 939
4 Effect of organic farming on yield and chemical composition of wheat
R. D. Shinde, V. P. Parmar, S. T. Shirgire and B. N. Kolambe
941 - 944
5 A comparative study on efficiencies of different fertilization methods for copper nutrition of wheat
Navneet Jaryal, J. S. Manchanda, Munish Sharma and Ankush Kumar
945 - 948
6 Seasonal incidence of aphis gossypii glover and its natural enemies on Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench
D. V. Sravan Kumar and R. S. Meena
949 - 951
7 Studies on the influence of different types of mulches on growth, yield and quality of grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) cv. Kishmish Rozavis White
K. V. Dhanush, D. R. Patil, G. Kantesh, S. N. Patil and Ashok Alur
953 - 957
8 Efficacy of papaya mealybug Paracoccus marginatus williams and Granara de Willink on physiology of host plants
R. Nisha and J. S.kennedy
959 - 965
9 Screening and characterization of native fluorescent Pseudomonas strains isolated from replanted apple orchards
Kirti Kaundal, Monica Sharma, Shweta Sharma and Mohinder Kaur
967 - 971
10 Effect of integrated nutrient management on apple cv. Oregon SPURII under north western Himalayan cold desert region of H. P.
Arun Kumar and N. Sharma
973 - 977
11 Lime induced iron chlorosis in groundnut as influenced by genotypes, iron and nitric oxide
Kavita Kotyal, B. T. Ninganur and R. V. Koti
979 - 984
12 Charectarization of wild relatives of tomato for various growth, fruit yield and fruit quality traits
P. Pradeep Kumar, M. Longjam, R. Mondal and P. Hazra
985 - 989
13 Influence of zinc sulphate application on growth of potato plant and tuber under foothills of Uttarakhand
Kailash Sati, Manoj Raghav, Umesh Chandra Sati and Lavlesh
991 - 994
14 Seed color as an index for assessing rapeseed meal quality
M. S. Sujith Kumar, Ibandalin Mawlong, J. Nanjundan, J. Aravind and Dhiraj Singh
995 - 999
15 Identification of optimum plant density and nitrogen rate for kharif maize using DSSAT seasonal analysis tool in Telangana state
G. Sreenivas, N. Mahesh, P. Leela Rani and A. Madhavi
1001 - 1004
16 Physiological and qualitative evaluation of sugarcane (Saccharumofficinarum L.) genotypes for moisture stress on laterite soils
T. Venumadhav, G. S. Madhubindu, M. Vijaykumar and A. Sivasankar
1005 - 1008
17 Vegetative growth, flowering, yield and quality of mango cv. Dashehari under various treatments of micronutrient and sea weed sap
Ravina Pawar and A. K. Singh
1009 - 1012