Publication of The Journal

The Journal Volume 13,Number 1:2018

S.N Content and Author Name Option page No.
1 1. Evaluation of fungicides against leaf spot disease of apple (Malus domestica cv. red delicious) caused by Alternaria mali roberts
U. S. Fais, V. Kumar and P. Vijimole
01 - 03
2 2. Chemical and sensory evaluation of flat bread supplemented with Pearl Millet and Soy Protein isolates
Paramjot Kaur, Monika Sood and Julie D. Bandral
05 - 08
3 3. Genetic architecture of quality traits in Bell Pepper [Capsicum Annum L. VAR. grossum sendt.]
Vibhuti Sharma and Sonia sood
09 - 13
4 4. Microbial diversity of moisture stress tolerant Rhizobacteria associated with Sorghum and allied weeds during sorghum crop production under drought condition
Kalindee S. Shinde and S. G. Borkar
15 - 19
5 5. Development and evaluation of extruded product of Rice Flour and apple pomace
Munazah Mehraj, H. R. Naik, Monica Reshi, S. A. Mir and A. Rouf
21 - 26
6 6. Sustainability through resource recycling, Soil Fertility and Carbon sequestration from integrated farming systems in west coast India
B. L. Manjunath, V. Paramesh, G. R. Mahajan, Bappa Das, K.Viswanatha Reddy, E. B. Chakurkar and N. P. Singh
27- 32
7 7. Bio-efficacy of Tebuconazole 060 fs (Raxil 060 FS) as seed treatment against Karnal Bunt, Loose Smut and Flag Smut of wheat
Bijender Kumar
33 - 39
8 8. Assessment of genetic divergence among sugarcane genotypes (Saccharum officinarum L.) based on molecular markers
Naveen Arora, Lenika Kashyap, R. S . Gill and K. S Thind
41 - 45
9 9. Gamma ray induced viable mutants in soybean (Glycine max. (L.) Merrill)
N. Verma, M. Chakraborty, K. Prasad, T. Izhar
47 - 52
10 10. Extent of heterosis over environments in rice hybrids using cms system
K. Parimala and CH. Surender Raju
53 - 57
11 11. Genetics of cotyledon colour in lentil (Lens culinaris medik.)
Yogesh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar and Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi
59 - 65
12 12. Catch efficiency of trawlers off Ratnagiri coast of Maharashtra, India
B. R. Kharatmol, Latha Shenoy, V. V. Singh, A. T. Landge and A. S. Mohite
67- 72
13 13. Area under disease progress curve and influence abiotic factors on wilt of Pomegranate
R. Somu, R. K. Mesta, K. C. Kiran Kumar and Chidanand P. Mansur
73 - 76
14 14. Genetic evaluation of different frost tolerant bajra-napier hybrids for forage yield and quality traits in North Western Himalayas
Anjali Kumari, V. K. Sood, Rajni Devi and Ankita Sharma
77 - 84
15 15. Exploitation of heterosis and inbreeding depression for yield, hybrid seed yield, nutritional and processing quality improvement in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) under North Indian conditions
Chandan Kumar and Surendra Prasad Singh
85 - 88
16 16. Micropropagation and genetic transformation of banana (Musa paradisiaca L. cv. Chinia)
Tribhuwan Kumar, Ravi Shankar Singh, Ravi Kesari, Awadhesh Kumar Pal
89 - 93